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Friday, August 30, 2013

At 625, city sees highest number of Govinda injuries in recent years

Mumbai: This year, the city saw the highest number of dahi handi injuries in the recent past. A total of 625 injured govindas were admitted to city hospitals and many of them will not even be able to move for the next few months. 
    Among the seriously injured is Shashikant Mane. The 24-year-old has suffered paralysis in all four limbs (quadriplegia) due to a spinal cord injury. He sustained the injury when the human pyramid he was a part of collapsed. He was on the fourth tier and has been participating in the event for six to seven years, said his friends. 
    "Our mandal usually breaks dahi handis in Vasai and Virar. This time, we were invited by a mandal in Thane, where this unfortunate incident took place. Mane can't move his limbs," said his friend Satyajeet Morya. 
    Similarly, Ashish Kerkan, (24) has also been left paraplegic after he fell from the second tier of a human pyramid and many others fell on him. 
    Doctors said that though the number of cases was very high, most of the injuries were manageable. By Friday, 566 of the injured were sent home after they were given treatment on OPD basis. 
    "The quantum of the injuries is less this time," said Dr Pradeep Bhonsale, head of orthopaedics at civic-run KEM Hospital, where the maximum number of injured govindas are taken every year. "Most of the patients had minor injuries or fracture. We put casts and sent them home. There are three cases of 
spine injuries and two of the patients have suffered paralysis in the limbs. But unlike previous years, when the injuries were irreversible, the prognosis looks good this year," he said adding that there is 100% chance that all the injured govindas will regain all their functions completely. 
Panel proposed to safeguard govindas' interests 

    The parent body of Ganpati mandals has volunteered to form a coordination committee for dahi handi mandals. 
    Naresh Dahibawkar, president of the Mumbai Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Samanvay Samiti, said, "Dahi handi mandals get a raw deal because they do not have an umbrella organization that can convey their problems 
to the authorities. Should they seek guidance to address issues of fatal and non-fatal injuries, or perhaps payment, we are willing to help them form a coordination committee." 
    Dahibawkar had led a dahi handi mandal from 1978-89. At the time, the traditional processions were led through Girgaum and the height of the human pyramid was restricted. 
    This year, political organizers across Mumbai and Thane claimed they did not wish to encourage reckless competition. Sanskruti in 
Thane and Sankalp in Worli declined to announce cash awards ostensibly because smaller mandals try to form tall pyramids. But Sanskruti awarded Rs 11 lakh each to two winners who achieved nine tiers, Rs 5 lakh to female govindas and Rs 50,000 to all those who made sixlayer pyramids. This year too, hundreds of govindas suffered falls and are in hospitals. Geeta Zagade, who heads women govindas of Parle Sports Club, says, "Sixteen women gymnasts from one mandal were injured. Despite organizers' claims that they arrange insurance, govindas pay for treatment themselves." 
- Bella Jaisinghani 
Total injuries this year 625 
Discharged after treatment 566 
Still admitted 59

Monday, August 26, 2013

Monsoon spurs alarming increase in ear infections

Mumbai: Little Snigdha Srivastava has not been her active self lately. The two-year-old hardly plays or even talks much, all she does is cry. A nagging pain in her left ear for four days has made her irritable and cranky. 

    Her mother Nidhi said the trouble started more than a week back, when Snigdha caught a cold. "She has been suffering from a congested upper respiratory tract for about 10 days now. First it was only a mild cold. But lately she not only has problems in breathing, she complains of a earache too. It is difficult for her to sleep. Moreover, she also feels a little disoriented," said Nidhi. 
    Snigdha is only one of the many Mumbaikars complaining of ear infections, ear-nosethroat (ENT) specialists in the city say they have been receiving several patients complaining of ear infections in the last few weeks. Dr Vikas Agarwal, ENT surgeon at BSES Hospital in Andheri, said his team has seen an almost 50% increase in such cases. "While most are viral infections-turned-bacterial, we also have many cases of fungal infections lately," he said. Fungus, said Dr Agarwal, takes advantage of the moisture in the ears—especially during the monsoon. 
    A ear infection may sound minor but can affect a person's productivity, say doctors. "The ears feel blocked and there may be difficulty in hearing. The patients may also find it difficult to concentrate on anything and suffer from irritation and a little disorientation," said Dr Agarwal. 
    Dr Hetal Marfatia, professor of ENT department at the civic-run KEM Hospital said the phenomenon is not new. "We see an increase in the 
number of ear infections every monsoon, especially since the viral respiratory infections go up. Sometimes, a viral respiratory tract infection doesn't get cured and turns into a bacterial infection, which then reaches the ears. It may take a while to treat the infection," she said. 
    Dr Nishit Shah, ENT surgeon from Bombay Hospital emphasized on the impor
tance of timely treatment of the infection. "In case of a fungal infection, we have to clean the ear with special equipment and then give anti-fungal ear drops. It may take up to a few weeks to get cured. The other type needs anti-bacterial drugs and decongestion to clear the infection," he said, adding people should get treatment for a cold before it affects the ears.

Friday, August 23, 2013


No Other Woman Should Suffer Such An Ordeal, Victim Tells Mom

Mumbai: "I want no other woman in this city and country to go through such brutal physical humiliation. The perpetrators should be punished severely as they have ruined my life. No punishment short of a life term will take away my pain and the humiliation and physical abuse I underwent." This was the victim's first reaction as she spoke to her mother from the hospital bed soon after Thursday's gruesome rape assault on her by a gang of five in an abandoned mill compound in Mumbai. 
    The victim said she wants life imprisonment for the perpetrators. "They have ruined my life and caused immense humiliation and physical pain," she is learned to have told her family. Barely 12 hours after the horrendous crime, the 22-year-old displayed "tremendous courage", said a source close to the family. She was alert and was closely monitoring each development as it unfolded on the 

television in her hospital room. 
    The source told TOI that she has started coming to terms with the gruesome incident. "She is mentally tough and determined to finish her project as it goes on display in the near future," said the source suggesting that she would go on to finish the assignment she was working on for the national magazine. She has been working with the company as an intern for three and a half months. 
    According to the source, after spending a very restless night, the victim had her first cup of tea only on Friday evening. "She was on drips the whole night and on Friday morning," said the relative adding that the news programmes on the incident playing on TV only made her stronger. "She spent parts of the evening watching the news, which failed to ruffle her," the source said. 

    The 22-year-old photojournalist and her male colleague enter the deserted Shakti Mills compound near Mahalaxmi railway station at about 6pm on Thursday to take pictures for a feature they are doing for a magazine 
    Inside the compound, they are accosted by two accused, who call in three of their friends and tie up the boy with three belts 
    They then take turns to rape the girl at a spot 15 feet away from where the boy has been tied up. After the crime, they walk the victim and her male colleague to the Mahalaxmi station at 7.30pm. Outside the station, they click a picture of the girl and threaten her saying that if she complains, they will make her photos public 
    The girl and her colleague go to Jaslok Hospital; the NM Joshi Marg police file an FIR at midnight 

THE ACCUSED ARRESTED: Chand Hussain Abdul Sattar Shaikh (18, seen at left) is a resident of slums at Dhobi Ghat at Saat Rasta WANTED: Qasam Shaikh (20), a resident of Madanpura, Agripada, and Vijay Jadhav, Ashfaak and Salim 
IPC SECTIONS AGAINST ACCUSE 376 (2) (g) GangrapePunishment: 20 years or a life term 2341 Wrongful restraint One month in jail and a fine 3343 Wrongf confineme 2 years in j and a fine 506 (II) Criminal intimidation 3 years in jail 34 Common intention (to be read with the other sections) 
The girl Doctors at Jaslok Hospital said the victim's condition is stable. Though investigations to gauge the seriousness of her injuries were on, TOI has learned that she may not need any major surgeries. She has also undergone a round of counselling and may be discharged in a day or two 
The boy He has abrasions on his limbs, face and abdomen, but they are not serious

Shakti Mills

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

From today, RTO eye on SoBo motorists

Mumbai: The RTO will keep a hawk-eyed vigil on all cars plying in south Mumbai from Thursday morning. Those caught travelling in polluting vehicles or driving without valid papers or tax defaulters will be prosecuted, officials said. 

    "We will also check if the imported cars have paid all duties and local taxes," said regional transport officer K T Golani, who initiated the drive. 
    "We will stop cars randomly and check for all papers, including registration documents, insurance, tax papers and also licences," he said. "We appeal to all car owners in south Mumbai to carry the documents while travelling else, they will have to face embarrassment when 
caught by RTO officials." 
    The RTO will issue showcause notices and impound licences, if required, or impose heavy fines on offenders. If anyone is caught plying old and dilapidated cars, he or she will be prosecuted and asked to appear for a fitness 
test at the Tardeo RTO. Polluting vehicles will also be dealt with sternly, Golani warned. 
    "In our next phase of campaign, which is likely to be in September, we will conduct checks on school buses in the island city," Golani said. "Our objective 
is to increase visibility of RTO officials on the road and to create deterrent to those flouting the rules." 
    "Citizens should now watch out for RTO officials stopping vehicles and checking documents and other details pertaining to the vehicle," he added. 

PUC should be done on time Car should be in good condition, with engine, headlights/tail-lights in proper working state You should carry car registration documents and insurance papers Car should be registered at local RTO. If it's an outside vehicle, keep papers to show it has been transferred to local RTO and taxes paid Driver should have proper driving licence You should carry the one-time tax paid receipt and documents pertaining to green tax, etc 
RTO will train driving school instructors The Tardeo RTO will impart special training on road safety to 50 driving school instructors on Thursday. 
    "We are training the trainers, who, in turn, will sensitize learners on road safety," said regional transport officer K T Golani. "We will insist that the instructors have a day's lecture on road safety along with audio-visual aids," he said. Sources said the training will be conducted in batches to include as many schools as possible by the year-end.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Train runs over 37 pilgrims crossing tracks in Bihar Mob Thrashes Driver, Sets Bogies Ablaze

Saharsa/Khagaria (Bihar): 

At least 37 people were crushed to death and scores of others injured when the Saharsa-Patna Rajyarani Express barrelled in at about 80km an hour at the remote Dhamara Ghat railway station while the victims were crossing the tracks on Monday. The accident led to violent protests, with mobs brutally assaulting the train driver, setting over a dozen coaches afire, ransacking offices and holding railway staff hostage for several hours. 
    Most of the victims were pilgrims on their way to Katyayani temple of Lord Shiva, which is situated near the railway station, on the last Monday of the holy month of Shravan. 

    They had alighted from the Saharsa-Samastipur passenger and Jan Seva trains and were crossing the tracks to reach the platform on the other side when the speeding Rajyarani ploughed into 
them on the middle track at about 8.40am. 
    While nine of those killed by the train were women, four of them were children.
Official blames pilgrims for 'trespass' 
Saharsa/Khagaria (Bihar): With violent protests making it difficult for relief and rescue teams to reach Dhamara Ghat station in Bihar following the mowing down of at least 37 pilgrims, bodies lay on the tracks for hours. The accident site is around 160km from Patna and accessible only by rail. Six seriously injured passengers were rushed to Khagaria Sadar hospital, while two were sent to Patna. Relief and medical teams were rushed from Barauni, Saharsa and Katihar. 
    Seething with rage, people burned down over 12 coaches, including two AC ones, and the engines of both Rajyarani Express and the Saharsa-Samastipur train. There was no one to douse the flames until 4pm, said a passenger. While the delay in the rehab efforts raised the hackles of the mob further, railway officials blamed the issue on the agitation. 
    Calling it a case of "trespass", Railway Board chairman Arunendra Kumar said the pilgrims were illegally crossing the tracks. "Rajyarani Express ploughed into them as they were frenetically getting 
across the middle track at the station," said Samastipur divisional railway manager Arun Malik, adding that Rajyarani had clearance as it did not have a stoppage at Dhamara Ghat. 
    The Bihar government has announced an ex gratia of Rs 2 lakh to the kin of those killed. Chief minister Nitish Kumar said he had spoken to railway minister Mallikarjun Kharge and urged him to arrange more compensation from the railways. 
Kharge has reportedly promised to consider the demand. Agencies said Kharge has raised the compensation to Rs 5 lakh. 
    East Central Railway chief public relations officer Amitabh Prabhakar said the authorities had spoken to the district magistrate and the SP, both of who had to face public ire, and directed them to provide police reinforcement so that medical aid could be rushed to the injured before they could be shifted to hospitals. 

Kharge faces opposition fury in RS over accident 
New Delhi: Railway minister Mallikarjun Kharge had to face a tough time in Rajya Sabha on Monday while making a statement on the Bihar train tragedy. Kharge described the train mishap as an "incident" in his statement. He said that such tragedies were termed incidents under railway rules. A member said the compensation for victims of 'incidents' was less than in case of 'accidents' and it would not go on record while computing total number of train accidents. TNN

For steps to download free Alive app, see pg 2 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

800 dead in 4 days of Egypt clashes Gen Sisi: Army Won’t Allow Violence

Cairo: Even as the death toll in four days of violence crossed 800, Egypt's military leader General Abdel-Fatah el-Sisi vowed that the army will not stand by silently in the face of violence. 
    Gen el-Sisi also said on Sunday that the army has no intention to seize power and called on the Islamists to join the political process. "There is room for everyone," said Sisi to supporters of Morsi. 
    Under the banner of an anti-coup alliance, the Muslim Brotherhood said it will hold a demonstration in front of the building. Six big marches were heading towards the Roxi Square in Heliopolis. The protesters were heard chanting, "We can give our life and blood for Islam." This district hosts the Egyptian military headquarters. The anti-coup alliance cancelled a big rally in Cairo because of fear from thugs, local resident and snipers. 
    At least 811 people have been killed across Egypt after the security forces stormed and dispersed two major sitins in Cairo on Wednesday. The Muslim Brotherhood 
website has put up a list of 1,300 'martyrs' who have died in the sit-in at Rabaa el Adaweya mosque in Nasr City. 
Meanwhile, the Egyptian government has begun deliberations on banning the Muslim Brotherhood. 
    "There will be no reconciliation with those whose hands have been stained with blood and who turned weapons against the state and its institutions," Egyptian PM Hazem el-Beblawi said. 

    Egyptian authorities raided the homes of Muslim Brotherhood members on Sunday in an apparent attempt to disrupt the group ahead of planned mass rallies by supporters of country's ousted president. Sweeping raids were carried on early Sunday morning, and security authorities detained mid-level officials and field operatives in several cities, according to security officials and group statements. 

    In Assiut, 200 miles south of Cairo, 163 of the group's officials and operatives were rounded up. Egyptian foreign affairs minister Nabil Fahmy denounced the international criticism for using "excessive force" in dispersing pro-Morsi sit-ins on Wednesday. 
    Fahmy argued that the international community is letting down Egypt by not condemning violence from the side of the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies.

A policeman (C) points his gun as security forces escort Muslim Brotherhood members through supporters of the interim government installed by the army from the al-Fath mosque on Ramses Square

Over 1K govt sites hacked since ’09 Miserly Attitude To Spending On Security Blamed

Mumbai: The MTNL Mumbai portal on Thursday night became one of the 1,300-odd websites run by the government or allied agencies that have been hacked into since 2009. 

    Cyber expert Vijay Mukhi blames the situation on a lack of awareness and the tight-fisted attitude of government departments and public sector agencies when it comes to cyber technology upgrades and security. 
    "We really don't understand why government departments do not spend a little money on securing the country's vital data," he said. "This laxity is making the country's cyberspace vulnerable to intruders." 
    The MTNL site was defaced by self-proclaimed Pakistani hackers 
around Thursday midnight. The MTNL website was disrupted by a hacking group last year as well. 
    MTNL executive director Piyush Agrawal on Saturday ruled out any laxity in securing the website. Agrawal said MTNL periodically trained network maintenance staff through professional network security companies. 
    MTNL claims that only the webpage and server logs—files created by the server of the activities performed by it—were damaged, but cyber experts do not rule 
out the possibility of hackers having obtained subscribers' addresses, phone numbers and other data. 
    "They (hackers) can stop Mumbai's phone network and know who called whom," Mukhi said. "They can reduce or hike the bills too. They can delete software that ran the network. If you remember, an American-Israeli virus had put Iran's nuclear programme back by a couple of years." 
    Following a complaint lodged by MTNL, the crime branch at Fort registered an FIR and police offi
cers visited the MTNL server office on Saturday. The MTNL Mumbai server was frozen and shifted to a forensic lab. 
    In the next few days, investigators are expected to consolidate details to know whether the hackers hailed from within the country or did their mischief from beyond the borders. 
    Investigators also hope to know from the server which data was accessed or damaged. 
    Besides the cyber police, three more teams have been deployed for separate investigations. 
    These three teams are drawn from a professional network security agency, MTNL experts, and the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), Delhi. 
    "Investigations by these teams will also help us formulate guidelines to secure servers so that such incidents are not repeated in the future," Agrawal said. 
    MTNL does not have as many cellphone users as other service providers, but it is the dominant player in the broadband and landline telephony market. 

MTNL server sent to forensic laboratory for investigations 
Four separate investigations are to be conducted, by a network security agency, MTNL experts, Computer Emergency Response Team (Delhi) and city's cyber cops 
Guidelines to secure the server are being sought from experts

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Over 500 in hospital with gastro, malaria Seven Cases Of Cholera, 11 Of Dengue Seen In Week

Mumbai: The city continues to reel under an onslaught of water- and vectorborne diseases despite a brief lull in rainfall over the past week. Over 500 people had to be hospitalized with gastroenteritis and malaria over the duration of a week. 

    BMC's epidemiologist Dr Mangala Gomare said that 11 cases of dengue were reported in the past seven days, and 17 this month. 
    Cholera, too, seems to be lurking as seven cases were detected from the E ward, which includes Byculla, Reay Road and Dockyard Road. In all, 65 cases of cholera, an infection of the intestine caused by the bacteria vibrio cholerae, were detected in the city since the beginning of the rains in June. 

    Water-borne diseases continue to affect almost every part of the city. In the last three months, 4,252 people were afflicted by gastroenteritis. In the same period, 247 cases of hepatitis and 281 of typhoid were reported. 
    A civic official said Byculla saw the most cholera cases, followed by some areas in central Mumbai. Earlier, cholera cases were reported from Chembur, Matunga and Sandhurst Road. 
    "Except for certain areas that have seen a cluster of cases, most other cases have been random and limited to a few households only," the official said. 

    City physicians remained more concerned about vector-borne diseases like malaria and dengue. While malaria alone has 
contributed to 2,394 hospital admissions in the last three months, morbidity and mortality is associated more with dengue. 
    Civic records suggest that only 115 dengue victims needed hospitalization. 
    A 14-year-old boy from Worli succumbed to dengue last week. 
    Parel, Byculla, Mahalaxmi and Worli emerged as the hotbeds for dengue. "We are carrying on with the drive to make all housing societies aware of dengue's spread and ways to prevent it. So far, volunteers have reached out to over 2,000 housing societies," Gomare said. 

Civic body notice to mall in Bhayander 
he health department of Mira-Bhayander Municipal Corporation has issued a notice to Maxus Mall in Bhayander(W) after finding that tyres lying nearby have become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Heaps of tyres used for car racing on a ground in the vicinity of the mall were found filled with rainwater. The mall has been given 24 hours to clear the tyres, failing which a penalty will be levied. TNN

CRATER MUMBAI Road plans good only on paper: HC BMC Presents Measures For Good Stretches

Mumbai: Trying to cover up for its shoddy job so far, the BMC on Tuesday told the Bombay high court that it is working towards utility mapping and coordinated placement of underground cables to ensure conditions of roads did not suffer in future. 
    The BMC explained its proposals to the HC, which took a suo motu cognizance of potholed stretches in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. "Your paperwork is good but results are not there," the HC told the civic body. 
    Highways leading to Mumbai were excellent but one realizes "you have entered the municipal limits by looking at the condition of the roads", a division bench of Chief Justice Mohit Shah and Justice M S Sanklecha observed. "All of us want proper roads. Property prices are so high, people cannot afford to buy flats in south Mumbai. They stay far away and commute the distance. Roads are the arteries of a city. If you give good roads, people don't mind staying 50km away," said Justice 

Shah, adding that good roads cut down on commute time. 
    Defending the civic body, municipal commissioner Sitaram Kumar claimed that indiscriminate digging of roads to lay underground cables for services such as phone, water, gas, electricity and petroleum led to potholes. "We have 1,941 km roads in Mumbai and every year, we have to allow digging of 400-450km, either to lay cables or repair them," he said. When the judges asked if the ducts could be laid in such a way that roads did not have to be dug up every time service providers had to work on cables, Kunte said they had come up with two measures that might solve the problem-—utility mapping and coordinated placement of utility cables. "We are working on a road map. Once we get our hand on the utility problem it will be an enduring solution," said Kunte. 
The judges asked what civic bodies across the world did to maintain roads. "There is coordinated placement of utilities. Whichever city manages utilities properly, has cut down on digging," said Kunte. 
    The judges also questioned why all agencies, such as MSRDC and MMRDA, could not jointly award road contracts. But MMRDA commissioner U P S Madan said the agencies worked under individual boards and the BMC under the Standing Committee. 
    While state principal secretary Shrikant Singh blamed improper draining of water for asphalt stretches not stabilizing, Advocate General Darius Khambata said there was no agreement on the technology to surface different roads. 
    The HC added Mira-Bhayander and Vasai-Virar civic bodies as party to the case and directed the BMC, TMC and NMMC to submit their action plans at the next hearing on September 5.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stunt on train rooftop proves fatal for teen 60 Boys Caught For Dangerous Commute Since Fri

Mumbai: A 19-year-old youth was electrocuted while performing stunts atop a suburban train near Tilak Nagar station on Sunday afternoon. Railway Protection Force (RPF) officials said this was the 61st incident of a train stunt since Friday. 

    The deceased, Shamsher Alam Sheikh, had climbed onto the roof of a Central Railway local along with two of his friends at Mankhurd, said eyewitnesses. Sheikh came in contact of a live overhead wire and was electrocuted on the stretch between Chembur and Tilak Nagar stations. He was brought down at Tilak Nagar station and taken to Sion Hospital where he was declared dead. He had sustained more than 80% burns, said sources. 
    Sheikh's two friends disappeared into the crowd when the train stopped, eyewitnesses said. Harbour line services were delayed because of the incident and trains were running late by half an hour, sources said. Sheikh used to work as a tailor and was a resident of Shivaji Nagar, Govandi. 

    CR divisional manager Mukesh Nigam was travelling by the same train for an "inspection tour" of the Panvel-CST corridor. He was accompanied by senior divisional security commissioner Alok Bohra. The train had a huge posse of policemen in the firstclass compartment; the deceased had boarded a secondclass coach. 
    "It is unfortunate that youths still perform stunts and travel on rooftops for fun despite our repeated warnings," said Nigam. 
    Commuters TOI spoke to after the incident said they had witnessed at least six children 
perform stunts on trains between Mankhurd and Reay Road on Sunday afternoon. 
    Bohra, who heads the RPF, said special squads had apprehended 60 boys, all aged between 12 and 16, for performing stunts on Friday and Saturday. 
    "Despite repeated warnings and counselling sessions, children, especially those from the slum pockets of Shivaji Nagar in Govandi, continue to risk their lives by performing stunts," said Bohra. "Additional personnel will be deployed to visit every slum and conduct door-to-door interaction to dissuade people from travelling dangerously." 

Delays, cancellations dog WR's Sunday run 
estern Railway commuters, especially those travelling from Vasai or Dahisar to Churchgate, faced inconvenience on Sunday afternoon. Trains were cancelled and were running late due to the ongoing megablock carried out between Borivli and Goregaon stations. TNN

DISASTER INVITED AT BIMA OFFICE COMPLEX The building is in a dilapidated condition, thus putting lives at risk

Going through the ground reality with seepage all around the BIMA (Bombay Iron Merchant Association) Office Complex at Kalamboli, one could gauge the intensity of the situation as the structure is in a complete dilapidated state. Complaints are pouring in from the occupants of the complex, which was built around 25 years ago as a symbolic gesture of iron merchants when the yard was shifted from Mumbai to Navi Mumbai. The five-storied building is located near the Mumbai-Pune Highway and is equipped with over 600 offices. The situation is grave as ceiling comes crashing down, office furniture are covered under tarpaulin, and even computers are damaged. 
    According to the people working in the building, the BIMA management's decision of expanding the building to one more floor on the onset of monsoon has added further to the problem. "They could have started it either before monsoon or post rain. The water has entered the main columns of the building, thus damaging its strength as most portions of the steel pillars got rusted. Also, there is rampant water leakage in all floors," said a member Rajendra Dadhich. 
    Many members had opposed the decision of the management to add the 
6th floor on the existing structure as the building is not in good condition to withstand the load. But the management of the complex stamped on the FSI issue to be used, which was granted to them long back. "The building is in danger, which may collapse anytime if the work is not halted in the rains. The inefficiency on the part of the contractor has damaged the building completely," said one of the members. 
    "Most of the members were not in favour of expansion. We also demanded for a structural audit and an appointment of consultant having expertise in civil construction, but to no avail. Our plea was not heard by the decision-making body. The water leakage began with the first rain as the contractor drilled the old column without having any knowledge about the civil work," alleges Manish Singh, who runs a transport business in the building for past 15 years. 
    The expansion work has developed the crack in the fifth floor and water seepage dissipated to all levels till the ground floor. "The entire office complex is at a great risk. The civil contractor is working in an unprofessional way, thus putting the entire structure in danger. If this continues, then, we will meet the same fate as of those buildings that collapsed in Mumbra and Mahim. Since one month, I am not going to 
my office and has shifted my work to some other place," said Dinkar Sutar, a tax consultant. When asked about theFSI construction and quality of work while endangering the lives of many people, chairman of the society Ramdas Shewale told Times Neighbourhood that, "I have nothing to comment about it. Let the members complain about the shoddy work, or the veracity of the contractor. I am not bothered about their voice. They have been talking like this since a long time, and I prefer to maintain silence in this matter." In the meantime, it has been a regular affair for the workers to shift the office apparatus form one corner to another when it rains, and they are living under high 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bandra-Versova most unsafe for kids: Cops

Mumbai: The glitzy western suburbs (Bandra to Versova) are the least safe for children, according to a report by the city police for the period January 1 to July 9 this year. 

    Most cases have been registered under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSOA) 2012 after it was amended on November 14, 2012, the report said. 
    Eighteen cases have been registered and 13 persons have been arrested by the Bandra, Khar, Santa Cruz, Juhu, D 
N Nagar, Versova, Oshiwara and Amboli police stations under zone IX. The western suburbs are followed by zone VI (Trombay to Nehru Nagar) with 16 cases and 18 arrests, and third comes zone V (Kurla to Dadar) with 11 cases and eight arrests. 
    The report said zone I (Azad Maidan to Cuffe Parade) and zone IV (Sion to Kalachowkie) in the central suburbs are the safest for children, with no cases registered during that period.

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