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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Verify all rental deals, Patnaik reminds cops

Mumbai: The police commissioner has directed all police stations to conduct thorough verification of all new rental agreements in housing societies. 

    Though there is no specific terror alert, city police chief Arup Patnaik has issued orders to all 90 police stations in this regard. The police said this was a reminder to local-level officers to remain alert in their respective areas. 
    "It is apprehended that terrorist/ anti-social elements may seek hideouts in residential areas and there is everylikelihood of breach of peace and tranquillity. There is also a grave danger to human life, health and safety and injury to public property on the account," said the police. 

    Officials said senior inspectors should ensure that housing societies send copies of rental agreements as well as the details of tenants. "If the police find out from other sources that the society or the said tenant/ landlord has failed the verification process, a person(s) can be booked under various sections of IPC. The 
tenant should be present before the local police for verification," said an officer on condition of anonymity. 
    It is the responsibility of senior inspectors to conduct a door-to-door campaign in their respective areas or create awareness through advertisements on making police verification compulsory for every hous
ing society. Sources said despite repeated reminders, several housing societies—particularly those in western suburbs localities such as Andheri, Oshiwara, Lokhandwala and Jogeshwari—had failed to register their tenants with the police. 
    "There should be some checks for landlords/tenants so that terrorist/anti social elements in the guise of tenants may not cause explosion, riots, shootouts etc. Immediate action is necessary for prevention of crime," a circular issued by the police said. Officials said the property dealer/estate agent involved in an agreement would also be dealt with sternly if s/he failed to register the deal with the local police station. "If the person to whom the accommodation is let out is a foreign national, he shall furnish his name, nationality, passport and visa details," the circular added. 

'Janata durbars' to address probe-related grievances 
Weekly 'janata durbars' at police stations across Maharashtra—this is what the state has proposed before the Bombay high court to deal with complaints of improper investigation. The government said the grievances, if not redressed at the janata durbars, could be taken up before the police commissioner or a committee headed by the chief minister for complaints pertaining to investigations carried out by the state CID. The grievances would be redressed at every police station on Saturdays. 
    The state also informed the high court that between 2010 and 2012, over 750 cases had been transferred to other agencies. The HC asked the state to take up 31 instances before it as test cases under the new mechanism. A report on whether the cases could be resolved has to be filed before the HC on July 18. TNN


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