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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Curtain that saves you from cell tower radiation

    Earlier this month, the government slashed the maximum acceptable cell tower radiation density by a tenth -- from 9,200 milli watt per sq m to 920 milli watt per sq metre. But this didn't stop telecom engineer Anuj Shah, who lives close to a cell tower, from painstakingly surfing the web for days and importing a curtain made of organic cotton and several precious metals to protect his family from cell tower radiations. Why? 

    The 30-year-old says that his knowledge on the subject makes him aware that even the new 920 milli watt per sq m norm is too dangerous for his family, especially his six-month-old daughter Aaradhya. 
    Shah, who offers services on radiation audit and helps families make 
their houses radiation-proof, said that it wasn't easy getting a material that could shield his family from cell tower radiation. 
    "I was looking for solutions in India, but there weren't any products that were effective enough. So I started looking abroad. That is when I learnt about this fabric available in Germany which can be used as a curtain," Shah said. 
    The fabric is made of organic cotton and precious metals that are radiation absorbers. 
    Shah says that the curtain reduces the radiation density to the admissible radiation level of 0.7 milli watt per sq metre. The curtain makes me feel safe," he said. 
    Shah now works full time in spreading awareness against cell tower radiations and supplying the curtain to those who live too close to the radiation towers. His partner Dr Annisuddin 
Mohamed, an MSc in Telecommunications Engineering from Drexel University, USA, said, "Depending on the radiation intensity, I chose to install it with multi-folds to increase the absorption rate." 
    Professor Girish Kumar from Electrical engineering department, IITBombay, has been researching the impacts of cell tower radiation across the country for over a decade. He has been vociferously warning against the healh hazard posed by proliferation of cell towers and says that the Union government's new stipulated radiation norm is far from safe. 
    "I have been repeatedly asking the Union government to be very stringent with permissible radiation norms. Government must bring down radiation density levels to 0.1 milli watt per sq m. Also the mobile tower operators misuse the norms," Kumar said.

The picture to the right shows the radiation detector glowing green, indicating low radiation density because of the curtain covering the window. The one on the left is glowing red, indicating unsafe radiation levels


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