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Sunday, October 14, 2012

National Law School student raped on B’lore Univ campus

Drunk Men Beat Up Male Friend; Cops Tightlipped

Bangalore: In yet another act of depraved violence against women, a 21-year-old South Asian student of the country's premier National Law School of India University was allegedly gang-raped by a group of seven to eight drunk men in the adjoining Jnanabharathi campus of Bangalore University late on Saturday night. 
    The second-year undergraduate student was out with a male friend, who works with an IT major, in his Volkswagen Polo car in a forested area of the 1,100-acre 
campus, just about 2km from the Centre for Gandhian Studies, when they were attacked. While the male friend, who is from Kollam in Kerala, was brutally beaten up, the girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by the gang. 
    The NLSIU is a dream destination for law students, and has an equal number of boys and girls on campus. 

Victim and her friend were in his car in a forest area about 2km from Bangalore Univ campus 
Around 9pm, a group of 7-8 men broke the windshield with iron rods 
They beat the boy and forced the couple to walk with them deeper into the forest area 
The boy was told to return to the car and bring his wallet, which he had left behind 
The assailants gang-raped the girl, then left her outside her hostel after thrusting a 10 note in her hands 
Police try to play down 'gangrape' 
    Quoting from the student's complaint, the police said that around eight Kannada-speaking hoodlums arrived on foot around 9pm and smashed the windshield of the parked car with iron rods. They then asked the terrorized couple to get out of the car, hit the boy repeatedly on his face, and dragged them deeper into the thickly wooded campus, 14km from the city on the Mysore highway. 
    One of the attackers asked the duo to hand over their valuables. When the frightened boy told them that his wallet was in the car, they asked him to fetch it. As the boy walked up to his car, the men dragged the girl deeper into the woods, the complaint said. 
    According to the girl's complaint, the assailants snatched her iPad and other electronic gadgets from her and raped her. They then walked her to the hostel on NLSIU campus where she stays, returned the gadgets, and thrust a 10-rupee note into her hands. She walked back to her hostel room and called her friend for help. 

    The two immediately lodged a complaint at the Jnanabharathi police station. The girl was taken to Vani Vilas Hospital for medically examination. 
    "We combed the area on Saturday night and Sunday morning looking for evidence. A case of rape has been booked as per the victim's complaint,'' said deputy commissioner of police SN Siddaramappa. Jnanabharathi police were tight-lipped about the victim's whereabouts. All they said was they were investigating the complaint. 
    Inexplicably, the police sought to play down the gang-rape allegations, saying the girl bore no injury or struggle marks during the medical examination.

The victim and her friend were in this car when they were attacked by the men


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