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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Long work hours, no social life but the young love Mumbai

Majority Travel 35km To Reach Office, Don't Exercise: New Survey

Mumbai: The young and the employed in the city endure prolonged work hours, hectic commute, housing woes and a near-zero social life. Yet, 90% of them say they would not even dream of leaving Mumbai for another city. 
    These are some of the findings of a survey commissioned by Young Bombay Forum, the youth wing of the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI). The survey, which was released on Thursday, focused on the work life and after-work life of 1,004 employed young adults aged between 21 and 35. It highlighted how most Mumbaikars spend one to three hours travelling to and from their workplace. Close to 59% of the respondents lived more than 35 kilometres from their offices. 
    The survey, carried out by the Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB) International, showed that about 60% of those interviewed across small, medium and large corporates, were not completely satisfied with their work. Most clocked nine hours a day on an average, which left them with little time to indulge in recreational or physical activities. More than 68% of the respondents said they did not find the time to follow a fitness regime. 

    Housing was one of the biggest issues for those who work in the city. A fourth of the workforce rents their accommodation; the percentage multiplies when it comes to those who have migrated to the city. About 35% of those who were interviewed are migrants who have been in the city for more than five years. 
    While it highlighted lack of a social life, the study also brought to the fore the belief that youngsters themselves willingly spend extra hours at work. Ashith Kampani, chairperson of Young Bombay Forum, ca lled the study an eye-opener. "There is no 
doubt that they lead extremely stressful lives. But there are also days when they can go home early and yet they choose to hang around in office," he said. 
    The findings that 84% of the working youth have a mentor at their workplace and 90% have a best friend at work also point towards this fact. Interestingly, men tend to linger more at their workplaces. 
    Kampani said the internet and more recently the social media have brought about a change in the youth, who like working more on their virtual image than a real 
one with their families. Yet, he suggested, corporate houses have to take it upon themselves to device ways to cut down on stress. "We will be sensitizing companies and working with them to look for solutions," he said. "Smaller companies will need a little hand-holding to bring in more healthy work practices." 
    Deepa Mathew, group business director, IMRB International, said employers must appreciate the fact that most don't mind commuting as long as the job is satisfying or pays well.


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