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Saturday, September 14, 2013

School bus cleaner arrested for raping 4-year-old student Assault Revealed 8 Days Later After Pain Complaint

Thane: A school bus cleaner was arrested on Saturday and charged with the rape of a four-yearold student under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offence Act. 

    Badlapur police said the assault took place when the girl was alone in the bus with a friend while it was parked in the compound of an English-medium school eight days ago. The girl, threatened by the accused, had kept quiet, but the horror was revealed when she complained of pain and had to be hospitalized. 
    Cleaner Sandeep Kerve was arrested from his home after the girl's family approached the police. 
    On September 6, the girl and her friend left their class 
room early, at 4.30pm, and went to the school bus to grab good seats. Finding the girl and her friend alone in the vehicle, Kerve took the child to the backseat under the pretext of showing her magic and sexually abused her, according to police. 
    When the girl cried for he
lp, her friend rushed to the back seat to see what was wrong. The accused told the two girls not to tell anyone of the incident, threatening to kill both of them. 
Man may have molested 1-yr-old, both found dead by rly tracks 
Aman who had kidnapped a one-year-old girl on Friday night outside Borivli station and had taken her to an isolated area near the tracks was knocked down by a train. The child was also found dead nearby. Police suspect the man wanted to sexually assault the infant and are probing if he had killed the child or the baby died in the accident. A DNA profiling of the accused has been sought to check if he had a role in earlier child assaults in other parts of the city. P 2 Fifth accused in July Shakti Mill gangrape case held Ahoney-trap finally led to the arrest of Ashfaque Shaikh (27), the fifth accused in the second gangrape case at the Shakti Mills of a call-centre employee. Shaikh twice gave the slip, but was nabbed on Saturday after he came to see his girlfriend at a lodge near Girguam Chowpatty. "We were tracking his cell phone but lost him as he switched it off. But his call records showed he was in touch with a commercial sex worker at Kamathipura. We questioned her and she promised to help," a police official said. P 3 


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