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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Global warming is about more than hurricanes, droughts, and other catastrophic changes.

From Environmental Defense Fund

Dear Friend,

Migrating Birds

30% of the world's species face extinction. Our Warming and Wildlife campaign tells the story.

Biologists around the planet are sounding the alarm. Stories about the plight of wildlife confronting the threat of global warming have been flooding my office daily -- more than any one person can keep up with.

So I thought it was time to tell this story to our most faithful EDF friends and highlight some urgent actions that you can take.

This month we unveil a new feature, Warming and Wildlife, which highlights seven North American "ambassador species."

These species are dealing with climates that are already changing. Some are officially threatened with extinction.

You'll meet vulnerable wildlife such as:

American Pika The hairball "rock rabbit" -- American pika, which perches atop mountain rock piles and entertains hikers with its whistling. Pikas are cold weather creatures even short exposures to temperatures above 78 degrees can be fatal.

Canada Lynx The stealthy, splendid Canada lynx, America's second largest wild cat. With long legs and big paws, the lynx is an efficient snow hunter, and the lynx-snowshoe hare predator-prey relationship is a keystone of the ecology of northern forests.

Monarch Butterfly The majestic monarch butterfly, which engages in one of nature's most wondrous annual migrations. The monarch's high dry wintering grounds in central Mexican fir forests are disappearing and becoming wetter, and its summer grounds are becoming hotter, threatening this beautiful backyard wonder.

These ambassadors all tell a story that warming is already here, that no living thing is unaffected, and that unless we act now, the web of life will be unalterably changed on our planet.

Warming and Wildlife invites you to share your own stories, take action to stop global warming, and spread the word to others.

Send an ecard featuring one of our ambassadors; call your Twitter followers to action; and spread the word to your Facebook friends.

As our elected officials consider historic measures to reduce our nation's global warming pollution, we thought this was a good time to spotlight some of the creatures in our own backyards whose futures in the wild depend on us.

Thanks for all you do to help protect all life on earth.

Stacy Small Signature
Stacy Small
Conservation Scientist
Environmental Defense Fund

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