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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mosquito breeding at its peak now, warn doctors

Mumbai: The on-off showers may have given Mumbaikars the weather they were looking for but the showers have also got health officials worried. Mosquito-breeding is at its peak during such intermittent rains, warn doctors, urging Mumbaikars to watch out for any symptoms of fever with chills.
    "When there are heavy rains, the breeding
sites get washed out. But rain in short spells is dangerous as breeding sites increase tremendously,'' BMC executive health Jairaj Thanekar said, adding that people who were suffering from fever should consult their doctors to first get malaria ruled out.
    The warnings come in the wake of two more malaria deaths in the city last week, one each to the vivax and falciparum forms taking the total toll to six since June.
    Pointing out the challenge the intermittent rains posed, civic insecticide officer Deepak Adsul said every shower washed out the insecticide treatment BMC personnel administer.
HEALTH SCARE Viral cases in city on the rise: Docs Pratibha Masand | TNN
Mumbai: Swapnali Rane (25), a resident of Shivaji Nagar,had to take a day off from work on Saturday and has not been able to report for duty even on Monday.Reason:she was down with viral fever. Several others are facing the same situation. General practitioners have reported an increase in the number of viral fever cases.
    "I would say there is a 10-15% increase in the number of viral fever cases in my clinic,'' says Dr Sunita Kshirsagar, president of the city unit of the Indian Medical Association. Dr Ashish Tiwari from Bombay Hospital agrees. "The increase is only slight, but as viral fever spreads very fast, it is im
portant that people take care,'' he says.
    "I had got a cold first. Then on Friday, I started getting fever. I had to take an off otherwise others in my office would have been infected too,'' says Rane. "Generally, people tend to self-medicate and only when the situation

worsens, they run to the doctor. The first thing that people should to do if they have got a cold or a fever is consult their general practitioner,'' says Dr Tiwari.
    Dr Suhas Pingle, secretary of the Indian Medical Association, Maharashtra advises those who have got fever to re
main indoors, take bed rest and avoid going to crowded places. "People bunk office for a cricket match. But when they have viral fever, they want to go to office and spread it around. Even mothers of children in Std I do not want them to bunk school for the fear of them missing out on something important in school,'' he says. "If someone sneezes, one should cover his/her nose. Also, people should keep washing their hands at regular intervals as we never know who has touched what,'' advises Dr Tiwari. "If someone in the family has got the viral infection, others in the family are bound to get it too. So take care of family members if they have been infected,'' says Dr Pingle.

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