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Monday, May 7, 2012

Another dry day ahead for eastern suburbs Pipeline Repair Leads To 100% Water Cut

Mumbai: Residents of the eastern suburbs felt the pinch on Monday with a 100% water cut. Nahur, Vikhroli, Bhandup and Kanjurmarg were the areas that suffered the most. However, due to announcements made in advance, most citizens had saved water and managed to scrape through the day. 
    Asimilar situation will prevail till 10am on Wednesday. On Tuesday, places that faced 100% cuts on Monday, will get little water at a low pressure for a few hours in the morning. 
    Sandeep Bhatia, a resident of Nahur (W), said that the entire area of Village Road was affected. "The first day was bad, but not unbearable as we had stored water. The real impact will be known on Tuesday," he said. "There were some homes which faced a problem as they don't have storage capacity," he said. 
    The civic body imposed a 100% cut in Nahur, Bhandup, Kanjurmarg and Vikhroli, 40% cut in Chembur, Ghatkopar and Mulund on Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the city faced a 20% cut. The cuts were announced as the BMC is connecting the newly laid 3,000-mm pipelines to the existing old trunk mains along the Eastern Express Highway from Airoli to Kannamwar Nagar. This is the second such water cut in the last fortnight. Parts of the eastern suburbs and the island city faced a 20% cut last week for two days. 
    At Nehru Road in Mulund, the situation was similar. "Most residents saved water. There was hardly a problem since we saved water but a lot of panic was created earlier. Many of us bought big drums to store water. But the overhead tanks were enough. We will know the impact on Tuesday," said housewife B N Sen. 
    Residents of Kannamwar Nagar in Vikhroli made do with very little water. "We suffered a lot. We had to buy several bottles of drinking water. It was difficult to even have a bath," said Prakash Ambekar. 
    "The work of the pipelines is in progress and we will finish it as soon as possible. We are likely to finish work by Tuesday and supply will be back to normal by Wednesday morning," said a hydraulic official.

Most parts of the eastern suburbs faced water cuts as the BMC is connecting newly laid pipelines to the existing old trunk mains


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